Chair Caning Footstool Frame

Chair Caning Footstool Frame

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This Chair Caning Footstool Frame is is a great way to learn (or teach) chair caning without investing in a large chair seat.

 Outside frame measurement is 10 x 14 x 1.5".  Inside frame measurement is 5.5 x 9.5".

  • Perfect for Practicing Chair Caning
  • Great for Teaching Caning Classes 
  • Wonderful Quality, too!
  • Beveled legs
  • Holes drilled for Narrow Medium Cane
  • Solid Oak
  • Beautiful Grain



Our Chair Caning Footstool Frame is drilled for narrow medium cane (not included).

Not only is this footstool frame perfect for teaching Beginner students to cane chairs but it's a great practice stool too. You'll be pleased to see that the footstool materials are superior quality, resulting in a beautiful finished product.

Teachers: Supply your students with these frames and they can all learn on the same size project. No need for students to haul their own chairs to class!

The frame shown at left was sprayed with Oak Weaver's Stain before weaving.

Legs are beveled, and frame is multi-level, as shown.

NOTE: This product is a FOOTSTOOL FRAME & LEGS ALONE, as shown in the product image above. No additional supplies are included. Sold unassembled. You will need a small amount of carpenters' glue to assemble, as well as a Chair Caning Booklet, narrow medium chair cane, pegs, and an awl.

We also sell this frame in a kit form here: Chair Caning Footstool Kit.


BEGINNERS TIP:  Be sure to weave the first two rows loosely so that the cane is bouncy when you place your hand on it. That is, the cane should have some spring to it. Do NOT weave these two rows tightly or the final rows will not fit into the pattern.

The photo below are of the same footstool in progress. The smooth finished pattern at right began with the first two rows woven loosely, as shown in the left photo.


Footstool on right is shown without the binder cane in place.


Note: No Chair Cane, No Chair Caning Instructions, no Pegs and no Awl are included with this frame. This is a beautifully-grained oak frame with smooth, drilled holes. Makes an excellent footstool finished product, and especially good as a teaching or practice frame. Teachers: Buy these frames and all of your students will have the identical project. No need for them to bring in a chair of their own.


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