How To Add Covers to Round Reed Baskets

 How to Add Covers to Round Reed Baskets

 Adding a cover to a round reed basket is as simple as weaving a second "base" and inverting it over the basket. 

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As an example, we'll use a Cherokee Double Wall Basket.


1. First, weave a "base" to match the base of your basket. In this case, the basket is a Cherokee Double Wall. Naturally, you won't need the entire length of the spokes. A good "guess-timate" is to make the spokes the width of the basket opening with another 12 inches added for the border weaving. 


2. This diagram shows the width of the area that you want the weaving to cover. Once the weaving is this wide, you'll add the border to complete the finished diameter of the cover.


3. With the body of the cover woven, a simple finishing border will overlap the basket edges. 


4. I wove this cover border by weaving the spokes "under, over, under" around the perimeter of the cover.


 5. Finally, if you want a handle, you can thread 3 strands of well-soaked small diameter reed, like #2 round reed, through the cover. Center the reeds, divide into two's, and braid. Then thread it back under to tie the braid finishing on the inside of the cover. 

See the image below left to see the ends of the handle tied under the cover.


6. View with completed lid.

weaving-covers-7.jpg weaving-covers-8.jpg

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