Camp Kit Variations

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If you have 30 different students weaving a basket, you're going to have 30 different baskets. 

Here are some easy suggestions for variations in weaving patterns and color patterns.  A picture is worth a 1000 words.
We've also included some brief descriptions.  See close-ups at bottom of this page.
(Our Camp / Kids / Classroom kits come with natural reed. Use basketry dye to color some of your batch.)

Variations on Camp / Kids / Classroom Baskets

group_camp.jpg  TheClassroomBasketryProject2011400.jpg
1twill.jpg 1horizontalstripes.jpg 3strandplainweave.jpg
Twill - Weave over 2, under 1 and repeat for the entire basket.


Horizontal stripes - Weave with different colors in plain weave one after the other.

3 strand plain weave - Weave in plain weave with 3 strands at the same time.
1darkweftlightweaver.jpg 2toneplainweave.jpg 1verticalstripes.jpg
Dark weft with light warp - Weave with 2 strands of a contrasting weaver on a light warp. 2 tone plain weave - Weave in plain weave with two strands at the same time. Vertical stripes - Weave with 2 colors in plain weave at the SAME time.
1archesopenwork.jpg 1scribbles.jpg  
Arches - Add pieces of reed to make open patterns. This one has 4" pieces tucked in to make arches. Crayon scribble© - After weaving a basket, lace a strand of small diameter reed in and out of the basket, weaving it into itself at random. This is #1 crayon scribbble©. (Don't cross the width of the basket or you'll block the basket opening. )
basketweave_closeup.jpg basketweave-2-color-closeup.jpg basketweave-scribble-closeup.jpg basketweave-dark-weft-closeup.jpg basketweave-vertical-stripe-closeup.jpg basketweave-arch-closeup.jpg

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