Styro Cup Basket Weaving Trick

 Here's a handy tip for getting small baskets started with delicate weavers.

styro1.jpg  styro2.jpg


These photos show our Christmas Ornament Basket set up on a styrofoam cup so that even a child can weave it.

Use an awl to poke holes for the groups of spokes. Run the spokes through the holes and now you have an easy to hold "basket starter."

Once the basket is finished, just tear the styrofoam cup out of the basket. Easy! 

This is not recommended for a group project with very young children, but is suited to a one-on-one situation (adult+child), when you want to introduce "what basket weaving is".  After seeing how they do while working with you on this, you can determine if they're ready for a Kids Kit.

The Kids Kit is definitely suitable for 99% of children ages 9 through 14 weaving in a group setting or alone. it's available in discount packs for group settings: the Camp Kit and the Classroom Kit.



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